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About Inviropod®

Preparing Our Earth's Future &
Our Passed Loved Ones with Care.

Inviropod®, an Australian based company and product, is a solution to the increasingly critical problems arising from conventional burial methods.

After almost a decade of engineering development, delicate navigation of traditional, cultural and religious perspectives, and a fortune in capital investment, Inviropod® has materialised as a burial solution to address the ecological destructiveness and rapid land consumption of conventional burial methods.

Inviropod®  Key Benefits –

An Innovative,
Environmentally Friendly,
Burial pod.

The Inviropod®’s revolutionary product and system design allows the traditional ceremony and practice of burial to be conducted without consuming as much land and without several of the ecologically destructive repercussions of a conventional burial method.

Eco-friendly Materials

Inviropod® is built with eco-friendly, insulative materials that prevent water-logging, moderate the natural contamination processes, expedite body decomposition and reduce overall pollution in both manufacturing to usage.

Space Saving Architecture

The Inviropod® system allows land reuse. Each burial site houses three Inviropod®s, each housing a shroud-only, coffin or biodegradable encasement until the body is decomposed. Thereafter, the three decomposed bodies will be carefully re-housed in a single Inviropod.

IoT Integration

Our revolutionary IoT technology comes with every Inviropod® and provides data about the decomposition progress. This will remove the guesswork historically required for reburial or migration allowing for more robust, safer and respectful handling of bodies.

Digitalised Tributes

Inviropod® will operate in conjunction with Digital Tombstones, a digitalised tribute platform for the passed loved ones that will increase ease of access by loved ones to the tribute, as well as navigation to the physical location itself.

Watch the video to see the straight forward journey of an Inviropod® burial site and how is addresses the problems.

Watch Our

Why Do We Need It?

The Need for Inviropod® in 2022

Land Scarcity

Land scarcity is an increasing phenomenon, with the cost of a basic burial in Australia now surpassing $10,000 AUD

Industry Innovations

Rise in innovation of biodegradable coffins and shrouds that require water-logging protection and decomposition monitoring.

Pollution Crisis

Significant air, ground and water pollution from existing methods of conventional burial and cremation.

Our Journey

Inviropod® Coming Soon

The team at Invirpod are paving the way for this innovative burial solution to hit the market with incredible impact, bringing both economical and ecological benefits first in local arenas, then the rest of the world.




Version 1 & 2


Version 3 & Final


Patent Pending


Certification & Approval by Several Religious Bodies


NSW GOV MVP Grant & Letter of Recommendation


Partnership with Scimita Ventures for Research and Development


Final Construction & Technologies Implementation As Well As B2B Marketing Initiation


Production, Commercialisation & Global Expansion

Today, our company is one of the most important PV suppliers in the North America and Europe. Our sales offices and warehouses include PV industry experience enables us to provide in-depth material sourcing and supply chain expertise for every step of production and installation process.


Yet those that embrace change are thriving, building bigger, better, faster, and stronger products than ever.


Yet those that embrace change are thriving, building bigger, better, faster, and stronger products than ever.

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